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Designing your home with lighting an interior without a LED smart light is like going out for dinner and only eating what’s in the bread basket. The bread may be excellent, but you’re missing out on many more interesting dishes. Expertly placed lighting adds another dimension to a space, bringing an interior of your house. 

Great lighting creates depth and height, and cozy spots, and draws attention to your most impressive areas. It’s all about the balance of light and shade and bringing new energy to your home. An interior designer may just draw a grid of downlights into their plans for your interior, which won’t do justice to what they have designed. Calling in lighting experts to work in harmony with your interior designer or architect will maximize the impact of your space.

How important is lighting in interior?

Lighting is as important as every other element of the design. Smart lighting changes and transforms a space. We use light and shade to make a room feel comfortable but also dramatic and atmospheric. Let’s say we want to highlight an artwork on a wall, we need a downlight to hit the artwork but in combination with a darker area around – this then draws our eye to the painting.

Our skill is artfully combining Backlit Led Panel Light, Backlit Panel Light, LED Downlight, LED Smart Light, LED Track Light, Surface Mounted COB Downlight, and Smart Lights to add vast interest and depth to each room. We apply different strategies for different solutions. Lighting a beautiful curtain fabric will be done in a different way to create targeted bright areas for tasks such as cooking, reading, or working at your place.

How do you get the right mix of decorative?

The wow factor is often achieved with hidden lighting details. Let’s head back to the living room you may have LED Track Lights above the room, but adding a Track Light underneath adds layering and drama. It’s only providing low-level brightness, but at night this simple trick will alter the feeling of the space in house. Another example is a table with a banquette: if you add Track Light at the back of the banquette to uplight the walls behind, you create a different atmosphere and impression of a wider space. If you have a coffer without light it will probably barely be noticed, but by adding an LED strip, you uplight the ceiling. This ceiling glow also makes the whole room feel much brighter by reflecting light back into the space.

What quality of Smart light do I need?

LED Smart lights are what we use today, but the quality of every single LED light has a big impact on the space. We always think about the quality of colour temperature and the colour consistency. For us, a high-quality fitting with a CRI (colour rendering index) above 90 will offer the most natural lights. CRI is the value that indicates how well the light replicates the true colour of the object you’re highlighting at any place. Reds, deep blues and deep greens look much attractive when highlighted with a high CRI light.

If you’re using the LED Downlights or Backlit LED Panel Light in a space, particularly with white or print walls, you need consistency of colour temperature for all the LED lights.


At Chinoke Lighting, we take care of each of the minute details with a promise of delivering good health and positive vibes while designing your home sweet home with the perfect choice of lighting.

You can’t seem to find what you’re looking for?

Don’t worry; we provide every many type of LED lights that can fit your exact space. We also provide the greatest one-window operation, so you can purchase your LED light in quantity and effortlessly illuminate your home.

Chinoke Lighting, a LED light in Mandurah, Western Australia is well-appreciated and known for uplifting the design of every space with its LED lighting fixtures. With dynamic smart lights in its inventory has become a fully functional lighting brand that provides indoor and outdoor lighting products and enhances the beauty of the night.

You can buy them from the official website and also place bulk orders by sending us a Whatsapp or text at +61 406002399/+61 450422199